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11 September 2006 @ 06:12 pm
"9/11"? *yawns*...  
I guess that is a tad evil and I don't really feel that way.

But I definitely think that America has malingered over that well-deserved black eye for far longer than is warranted. How many buildings have US bombs knocked down?

Y'know, I'd be a lot more sympathetic on this anniversary if we hadn't already been having the memory of that event beaten into our heads every goddamned day since it happened.

I refuse to join in the fuss which, really, has never stopped since it happened. At this point, the endless coverage and attention is nothing but more bullshit and propaganda.

It wasn't the first time a country has been attacked out of the blue and, thanks to Dubya and Friends, it certainly hasn't been the last.

Get over it.