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26 September 2006 @ 11:57 pm
tuesday poos-day...  
Been feeling a little meh this week. It's probably the cold, rainy weather that we've been getting lately. That and the frustration and futility of business lately has also been dragging me down. The server went offline tonight, probably because I haven't paid the bill in so long. Motherfucker. I can't even get to my email.

I'm still kind of optimistic about my new idea, but I've been unable to get much done on it this week. Yeah, instead of working on that like I should be, I've had to make a site for this customer who hasn't paid me so much as one thin dime yet. Well, thanks to Kaleena's idea, I'm only going to finish a prototype in PhotoShop for now. If he wants a site made he can pay me first.

Yesterday I took my laptop to this cafe and got some work done there. It was pretty good working from there and I got a fair bit done. Just getting my ass off the couch and out of the house makes me feel more energized and productive. Good three-shot coffee too. I'm probably going to go there again tomorrow or the next day and see how it goes.

Last night Kali and I watched "Water". It was bery good (I'd give it about ★★★) and made us crave Indian food, so we ordered some tonight. We ordered it from this awesome little restaurant in the beaches, Ali's Tandoori. It was so good. What a hidden gem that place is, and we've tried an awful lot of good Indian restaurants. They take their sweet time preparing the food, but it's well worth the wait.

Well, I'm feeling pretty warm-n-fuzzy from the two Tylenol with codeine I took, so now I'm gonna bake out before bed.

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