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03 January 2007 @ 05:36 pm
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Today was a busy day. I paid the rent, paid the Rogers bills, picked up cat food and bird food, got a pre-paid MasterCard, ordered gift certificates for my family's Christmas presents, told off the salon that Kaleena went to for her Christmas present, met Kaleena after work for dinner at la Commensal, exchanged a movie at HMV for my niece and picked up a big box of batteries.

Whew! That was a long list of "action items" (LOL) and I'm really glad that I got it all taken care of. And in the process I also did a fair bit of walking, which was a good thing.

The cable/internet/cellular bills were huge, over $500 combined. Not good. I'm going to have to talk to Rogers to find a way to reduce the monthly charges, 'cuz it's getting pretty painful. They piss me off though, because I've tried to reduce the services and charges before, but they structure everything very carefully so that it's pretty much impossible to cut things without losing more than you want to and before you know it your services are maxxed out and so are the monthly charges.

Yeah, for Christmas I got Kali a gift certificate for this salon/spa in the beach. It seemed like a pretty good place and they did a great job on her hair, which was the main reason she went. What sucked was that they charged her $170 for doing her hair which left $30 on the gift card, but they wouldn't take the tip out of that balance. They stood there with their hand out waiting for a tip which they said she'd have to pay in cash. Bullshit! Their tip (if any) should have come out of the gift card. Fortunately Kali only gave them a ten dollar bill (hehe!), but I went in there today to make sure they knew I wasn't impressed and that, as far as we're concerned, their tip was $40 - $10 from Kali's pocket plus the $30 that was on the gift card.

The batteries were for our wireless PS2 controller which as it turned out didn't even need new batteries. It just needed to be synched with the transmitter on the unit. Doh! Hehe, when I was looking around the house for fully charged batteries to try in the controller, Kaleena said "You're probably wasting your time - if there were any batteries that worked they'd already be in my vibrator." - LOL!

So yeah, it was a busy day today and I'm glad I got some things taken care of that were stressing me out. The holidays suck for trying to get things done.