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12 January 2007 @ 09:31 pm
happy birthday to me...  
Turned 38 today. Thirty f***ing eight! Oh man, for some reason that feels a lot older than 37 did - much closer to The Big 4-0, hehe. I mean, 37 is still kind of "thirty-something", but 38 really is pretty much 40.

I was on the phone an awful lot today. My dad called and we spoke for nearly an hour. My sister called too and that was almost an hour too. Kali's dad called to wish me a happy birthday too, so I also talked with him for must've been a half hour. There was also customer calls. So yeah, I spent a lot of time on the phone today, which is very unusual for me. Well, I talk to customers, but talking casually for a total of more than two hours? Never happens.

Last night I went over to Mark's place to hang out. He handed me a birthday pint glass of beer with two big ribbon bows stuck to it. It was quite something. He also got a bunch of food going on

When we got home Kaleena gave me a really cool birthday card. It had a pirate on the front.

On the envelope she stuck a big Lindor chocolate heart! We shared that (well, Kaleena only had a bite) and OMG was it good! She also gave me a box of assorted Jelly Belly jellybeans. I love those things, which is weird 'cuz I don't usually go for the candy type of stuff, but they're just so good!

Some of the best Indian food I've ever had is on its way to our door right now. It's this little place called Ali's Tandoori in the beach that Kali and I found and, fothermucker, it is amayzing. They are totally incompetent at the delivery thing, but the food is to die for.

After that, we're going to find something to drink. LOL, that kinda sounds bad. What I mean is that we're either going out for some fine, fine English beer, or we're going to open one of the bottles of wine that we got for Christmas, most likely the wine.

So yep. Thirty freakin' eight.