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04 September 2006 @ 01:34 pm
I know everyone is going on about this already, but I just have to say I was pretty shocked to hear that The Crocodile Hunter got killed by a stingray. It's sad, for sure. I mean, he was only 44 and had a wife and a family and, maybe most of all, he was also an enthusiastic environmentalist and conservationist. I guess what I mean by that is people get killed all the time and a lot of them are young and have families too, but Steve Irwin was from what I can tell a nice enough fella who probably did a lot more good than harm while he was here. So I think that's ultimately what makes it sadder than it already is.

On the other hand, I'd bet a hundred bucks that he was provoking the stingray. I'm certainly not knocking the guy, but every time I've seen him he was always trying to piss off the animals and annoying them into attacking him. That was his thing, his gimmick for boosting ratings. I'm only surprised that it wasn't a snake or a crocodile that got him first!

03 September 2006 @ 09:02 pm
Kaleena's sister stayed over at our place this weekend. Her mom dropped her off at 9AM Saturday morning and we had her until the middle of the afternoon today. Looking after an 11 year-old for like 30 hours! Ay Caramba! Actually, it went pretty well and she was really good and no trouble at all.

We were going to go to Toronto Island but it was way too rainy and crappy so we went to the Eaton Centre and got breakfast instead.

After that we went to see "The Illusionist", which was great. Well, Kali and I liked it, but her poor sister was so bored that she fell asleep right there in the cinema, LOL. Yeah, I guess it wasn't a very good movie for kids, but she didn't complain.

By the time we got out of there the weather was no better so we headed home and played Katamari until she fell asleep.

All in all, everything went well despite the bad weather, but I do not know how parents are able to cope with kids all day every day, and often quite a few more than just one of 'em! Ah well, better them than me!

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30 August 2006 @ 10:11 pm
Kaleena and I went up to her mom's in Woodbridge today for their birthdays. Kaleena's was yesterday and her mom's was today. I tell ya, I've never seen so many birthday cards. It was good, but I ate waaay too much crap. Well, the eating started out pretty good with the super yummy Indian food we got up there, but after that it was non-stop snacks, pizza and cake (oh my). I'm still feeling it.

29 August 2006 @ 05:21 pm
Today is my sexy Kaleena's birthday. Happy Birthday, Hotness!!!

I went out yesterday with no one idea of what to get her. There were a few possibilities I've been considering, all of which I thought would be good, but I just couldn't narrow it down.

Yay! Presents!
I finally decided on getting her a new cell phone, which she definitely needs as her old one is pretty busted now. It looks like she's been using it as a puck for street hockey and the battery is held on by scotch tape. It's taken quite a beating over the nearly three years that she's had it. So I looked in Rogers and then Telus and settled on one from Rogers that she said she liked. But as the guy was setting it up in the system I started wondering if maybe a phone wasn't such a great gift after all. Too practical and it's probably the kind of thing she should really pick out herself to make sure she gets the right one. Just as I was starting to hesitate about getting her the phone, the guy asked me for some ID, which I didn't have on me. So that pretty much solved that dilemma as I wasn't able to get it anyway, but instead of getting too annoyed I took it as a sign that it wasn't such a good idea for a birthday gift after all.

That did however leave me back where I started, unsure of what exactly to get for her, so I had to go and smoke another couple of cigarettes while I decided what to do now. Another possibility was a new webcam that she said she's been wanting. After much deliberation I finally went ahead and got that for her, but I wasn't totally happy with that as the only gift - similar to the cell phone idea, not personal enough, I thought. Then I remembered that a short while ago Kali had mentioned how nice some glass dildo's she's seen are. Perfect, I thought! I'll get her a fancy glass dick! I found some really HQ ones made by "Phallix" in this sex shop on Yonge. One of them was much nicer than the rest and seemed like the one I thought she'd like so I got it for her.

Out of the two presents, I guess I was mostly excited about giving her the glass cock. She seemed to like it too.

27 August 2006 @ 10:20 pm

Our next door neighbours organized this ridiculous block party today. We found an invitation for it stuffed in our mailbox a week or so ago. It said we were expected to bring something "savoury". People at even-numbered houses were instructed to bring something sweet. We brought neither and instead spent today basically hiding-out as we had absolutely no intention of attending this absurd spectacle. And it's a good thing too, because it ended up being a collection of nothing but parents and children. There had to be a hundred people there. In fact, they even set up a gigantic inflatable bouncy castle - right in front of our place.

As I said, un-frickin-believable.

20 August 2006 @ 03:06 pm
Luna is sick today. We think it might be hairballs, but I'm really worried about her. She's rarely a very chipper cat, which worries me all the time anyway, but when she's sick I worry all the more. I hope she's going to be okay. Kali and I picked her up some hairball formula treats, but they had gone bad in the container. I'm going to go out soon to get her some more.

Sweety hurt her beak the other day too from flying into the window, and then her nostril/face a day or two later. We think the second time might have been from one of her toys, but I also saw Baby bite her in that exact spot later the next day, so who knows.

I'm sure the furball and featherhead are both going to be okay, and Sweety's injury is a lot better, but Luna seems really ill today, so I'm pretty worried about her.

20 August 2006 @ 02:13 pm
...hehe no, not really. The Drake was pretty good, actually. Kaleena and I have seen it a hundred times from the outside because it's right across the street from our dealer, so based on that I guess the inside was pretty much what I was expecting. It definitely had its own vibe going on, kinda swanky but in a restored art deco sort of way rather than expensive or posh. There was a huge line-up when we arrived, but we were on the guest list so, much to the annoyance of those stuck waiting in line, we got let in right away. *grin*

The crowd was pretty varied in age and the "types" that were there. There was everyone from yuppies to wiggers to gino/gina lounge lizards. There was even a mullet-headed crack ho. About the only thing most people there seemed to have in common was that they all thought far too much of the place and themselves. I mean, let's be real - they were all losers out on a Saturday night in an okay but wildly over-rated bar in Parkdale. Toronto. This was not The Limelight in New York or something, so get over it people, and your loser selves too.

The other thing that everyone there had in common was that they could not handle their booze. This one loser came up to us while we were dancing and asked me if I was Kaleena's father. I should have said "Ya, I'm her dad" and started grinding her ass, but I was caught too off-guard. Kali got in a few quick shots though, saying to him "don't hate us because you're ugly", and then later on the stairs calling him a "small dick", LOL! At one point he asked me if I wanted to punch him out and that if I did I'd have to deal with "seven of his boys". The best thing I could think of to say was something like "are you that much of a coward that you need seven of your friends to back you up?". In the end, his loser ass wasn't worth it and Kaleena was right, it was much better to just humiliate him verbally, which she did nicely. Besides, let's be realistic, he was no physical threat and he didn't insult Kaleena or anything like that. Heh, if anything I'd say he avoided her altogether. So it probably would have been pretty retarded to clobber the guy. As for him asking me whether I was her dad, whatever. He was a dickless loser who obviously can't even get a date, so it was pretty hard for me to take him seriously enough to feel insulted. It's not like I don't know that I'm older than her. Not old enough to be her fucking dad, mind you, and hopefully not even old enough looking to be her dad, but whatever, who cares? We don't.

Ya, so The Drake was okay, as any club worth mentioning ought to be, but its reputation (whatever it might be) is totally undeserved. I'd go again and it was good to go somewhere different, for sure, but I bet if we tried a different place every week The Drake would end up pretty far down the list of best places to go. Meh, maybe we'll stop by there sometime when we're picking-up, but I'm not sure I'd go out of my way to go there again unless there was something good happening there. Drew will be playing there again in October, so that should be good.

19 August 2006 @ 01:24 pm
Kaleena just defeated the final, ultimate boss in Shadow of Rome and finished the game! She also fought her way through several other hard-won battles to get there. This last guy, Antonius, was seriously tough and it took many, many frustrating tries. I attempted it a few times too, but not that many because I kept getting badly mauled and it was just too damn aggravating. She was determined to beat it though and, after some colourful profanity along the way, she won!

My body is still feeling that hike at the bluffs on Thursday. Even Kaleena said she still felt a little stiff. That was such a blast though! We want to get a canoe now so we can explore around some more and get some great exercise too. A sail boat would be even more fun!

We're going out to The Drake Hotel tonight to party with Lex and his new boyfriend, who's DJ-ing a hip-hop show there tonight. This will be our first time meeting him and it should be a fun evening. $6 a beer though! Actually, Lex just showed up so we're gonna go smoke a spliff in the ravine. Yeah, the guy shows up like two seconds after Kali and I finished getting jiggy, hehe.

Well, Happy Saturday!

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17 August 2006 @ 11:55 pm
Today was so much fun! And, to think, it was in Scarborough of all places.

Overlooking the the lake from the golf course at the edge of the cliff.
Kali and I went on a long walk to the Scarborough Bluffs, these freaky-looking cliffs down at the lake. The last time I was down at the bluffs (why are they called that?) there was nothing but a parking lot and a walking path, but we heard that now they've got a marina and a restaurant and bar and some other stuff, so we decided to make a day of it. There's an easy way to get down there, you can walk or drive right down to it, but Kaleena and I decided to take the scenic route. It turned out to be a very scenic route...

These flat rocks seemed to go on forever. The start of the main bluffs, our destination, is in the distance.
We left our place around 5:30 and walked to the lake trying to find a trail down to the water. We walked across this golf course which ended as a cliff overlooking the lake. That was an awesome view. That was already pretty much where the bluffs start, although not the highest or most impressive part of it, but it still had to be a good 8 stories up. From there we climbed through a fence and found a really steep, sandy path down to the beach below. It was fairly hard-going down there and we had to hold-on to branches and roots and vines to avoid sliding or tumbling down. Kali's boots had zero traction, but it was all good and we made it to the bottom without too much problem. Once we got down there we looked east along the shoreline and saw that we had a long way to go to the main part of the bluffs, where the park and marina are.

For the first couple kilometres along the edge of the lake we walked across the top of these huge, flat rocks that had been put there as a sea wall. After making our way along these rocks, and trying not to fall or break our legs in the deep gaps between them, we found a big flat one to sit down for a cigarette break. It was already pretty remote there, and we still had a long way to go. After our smoke we kept going along the rock wall, which seemed to be endless. Heh, at one point we got chased by wasps and had to dump out some Pepsi to decoy them.

This tree was still alive, but it looked like it had fallen over. It's branches made an arched canopy over the sand. It was a really cool spot, slightly surreal.
The rock wall eventually ended and we got to the first of many stony, secluded beaches. Some of them were kinda nice, not like Caribbean nice or anything like that, but with the cliff face behind us and the open lake in front of us it felt good to be there. Some places were pretty gross though, with open storm sewers draining onto the beach. What comes out of those is not human waste or anything like that, hopefully, but plenty of whatever street filth washes down the sewers - dirt, dog poo, toxins from cars and pesticide use and such. And, wouldn't you know it, I stepped right in some of it. So gross. But most areas were not that bad, and one beach in particular was pretty nice, with a fallen over (but still alive) tree making a canopy of branches into the sand. Kaleena couldn't resist climbing on them, hehe. If it weren't for the faint but not so fabulous smell of the water that would be a great place to camp for the night or something.

One of the nicer beaches we discovered.
After a few more beaches and another long rock wall we were shocked to find that we had come all that way only to find that the beaches came to an end with nothing but cliffs and open water blocking our path. With the bluffs going straight down into the waves it looked like we were stuck and would have to go all the way back! And we really had come a long way. It kind of felt like the most remote spot on Earth there but then, right there in this lost corner of Scarborough, we spotted a tent under under a tree and its hobo occupant sitting in a chair. The guy totally ignored us and we did the best we could to ignore him, since anyone setting up there must want to be left alone. Faced with the prospect of turning back and our hike being a dead-end, we took a closer look at the stretch of seemingly un-passable cliff face and water to see if it would be possible to make it across along the slippery waterline. Luckily, it looked like it might work, but not without a lot of difficulty and getting wet and muddy up to the knees. I had on sandals and shorts, but Kaleena had to take off her boots and socks and go barefoot, which meant she had to cope with all the soggy clay and rocks. It was pretty hard-going and we both had to keep our eyes open in case any huge chunks of the cliff face fell, which they sometimes do. Getting squished by a car-sized block of clay would have put a quick end to our fun. About half-way across I got splashed with a big wave of water, water that by now we had decided was pretty nasty. It got me everywhere, including my face and in my mouth. Ew. It was the one and only wave that hit that spot too, like it was trying to get me, LOL!

Kaleena with the bluff/cliff face we crossed in the background. We're crazy mofo's! And she did it with bare feet and a skirt!
We at last made it onto solid ground and the beginning of Bluffer's Park, our destination. Mission successful! We found a path and a bench and sparked up a well-earned joint. It was 8:30, which meant the whole expedition actually only took a few hours. It was such an adventure that it seemed like maybe even more time had passed, but considering the difficulty and obstacles we got past, we made fairly good time.

After the spliff we headed towards the marina to locate some food. We were starving. And filthy, which was not such a good thing when we discovered that the restaurant was this really posh place, up on stilts and overlooking the marina and lake. It was super nice. Kali had fusilli with grilled vegetables and I had broiled salmon. Oh man, that was some good stuff! We so need to go back, clean and presentable this time, hehe. We took a taxi home from the marina restaurant and got in the shower for a refreshing and much-needed wash. That felt great.

Kaleena and I both thought that today was oddly reminiscent of our day-long hike in the New Forest in England, from dodging death/adversity, right down to stumbling-in out of the evening darkness, dirty, tired and hungry and into a nice restaurant for an amazing dinner.

Today was the most fun anyone's ever had in Scarborough, that's for sure, but we're going to go back there soon and have even more fun, hehe ;oP

16 August 2006 @ 08:19 pm
Kaleena and I put the bed together today - it looks great! It's really high off the ground, so I hope neither of us falls out of bed, hehe.

Damn, I've been feeling like real shit this week. I've never had mono, but I've had the list of symptoms today and yesterday - headache, bodyache, weakness, fatigue, yadda yadda. Just been feeling like crap in general. And it's been making me pretty bitchy too.

And that's about all I have to say today.