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23 December 2006 @ 01:48 pm
happy festivus!  
Well, I haven't posted anything since like the first week of October, but I've been meaning to. And it's not like there's been nothing happening, either. There have been lots of journal-worthy events and goings on over the last couple of months. Now, Christmas is coming up in just a couple of days (groan) so I want to get at least one last LJ entry in for the year!

Hehe, Kaleena and I have already kind of had our Christmas. Well, the gift exchange part anyway. We're so about the immediate gratification. I gave her a salon/spa gift certificate on Monday night and on Thursday night Kaleena gave me the most awesome presents! Four of 'em! She's very naughty for getting me so much.

She gave me a lot of great stuff from Thierry Mugler, including a huge bar of their really nice (and really expensive) soap, a gift box set which had a big bottle of their cologne, some hair and body wash, and some body lotion. Thierry Mugler stuff smells great; really "fresh" and clean. And now, thanks to Kali, so do I. Even the box looked amazing! It was a really impressive gift. Kaleena always gives me the best gifts :o)

Yay! Presents! Kaleena gave me a Thierry Mugler gift set, a big bar of Thierry Mugler soap, a cool bracelet and a book by Deepak Chopra.

She also got me a book, The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra. I've only read the introduction and some of the first chapter and I'm already into it. I've been wanting to read something by Deepak Chopra for a while now, ever since I started hearing him putting-in his two cents on spooky documentaries on subjects ranging from life-after-death, to extraterrestrial intelligence, to quantum physics and cosmology. He must have smoked a lot of pot in his life. The book seems fascinating and covers a lot of different subjects all about the mysteries of life and existence. By the time I finish it I figure I'll be able to levitate and maybe do a little time travelling.

And, if all that weren't more than enough (and it definitely is!), Kali also gave me this cool-looking bracelet. It's stainless steel and black plastic, so it's not just cool, it's durable too and I'm planning to never take it off. Except, hopefully, to go through an airport metal detector on the way to the Bahamas or Amsterdam or Tokyo or...

Kaleena's new hair do. Ain't she a hottie?!
Kaleena got her hair done today using the gift certificate I gave her. They coloured it blonde with highlights and styled it silky straight and layered down past her shoulders. They cut a lot off, but it's still pretty long. Her hair looks beautiful, but I'm kinda pissed off at the salon. The gift certificate was for $200 and getting her hair done cost $170 of that. No problem, pretty expensive, but they did do a good job. What pisses me off is that they then asked for a tip and wouldn't use the $30 balance remaining for it - they wanted cash! How dare they!? First of all, fuck that - it was a gift certificate and Kaleena should not have been asked to go into her wallet for a fucking penny, let alone a tip! Plus, there's nothing they offer that costs less than $30 which means she'll never be able to use up the money and I'll be damned if they're gonna pocket that! Oh, they can keep it, but I want to get in their face about it and make sure they know that's where their tip money came from. I can't believe they made her uncomfortable about the whole tip thing, but at least she only gave them a $10 bill to split between the two of them, hehe.

There were some other things I wanted to get for Kaleena for Christmas but, alas, the cash ran out. Doh.

On Christas Eve I'm going up to my parents' place. I was considering going on the first bus out of Toronto on Christmas Day, but that could be pretty tough and I just know I'd get attitude from my family. But it sucks that I won't see Kaleena from Sunday night when I leave until like Wednesday when she gets home from work. I'm gonna miss her so bad, but there's no way to escape it. At least we'll get to see eachother for most of Christmas Eve.

Damn, I'll be glad when this Christmas/New Year's nonsense is over!

Kalikiaramoon on December 24th, 2006 02:52 am (UTC)
Oh u are going up 2morrow:/ Waaaaahhhhh!:(

I'm going to miss u so much shmoopy!

I like the pic u took of your new stuffs:)